sweet jobs

Florist!Armin and cafe owner!Jean AU with oliviawhen! This is a really stupid fic, pls excuse.


"We’ve got another request from Jean’s cafe. This is the fifth time he’s ordered from you in the last two weeks," Eren snorts, tossing Armin the delivery slip. "Don’t you think he’s getting a little desperate?"

"Desperate for what?" Armin asks, eyes wide as he tends to a potted tulip. Mikasa shoves Eren’s shoulder silently as she sweeps, and her brother makes a face.

"Nothing," he grits back, leaning against the wall. "He wants miniature terrariums for the tables."

Armin perks up immediately, reaching for the order form with a bright expression. “Oh, I’ve got the perfect idea! Jean is going to love it! I was working on these miniature roses with Hange the other day, and…”

Mikasa shoots Eren a loaded look and he shrugs.

At least they’re tipped well in cookies, Eren thinks, munching loudly on a macaron as Jean not-so-subtly flirts with Armin from behind the counter. It’s a little off-putting, how obvious it is, and Eren does his best not to gag as Jean flashes Armin another awkward grin.

"I’m trying a new creme brulee recipe," Jean begins nervously as Armin nods encouragingly, eyes bright. He runs a hand through his hair, cheeks flushed pink. "Pecan and bourbon. What do you think? Do you want to try?"

Armin nods eagerly and Jean reaches underneath the counter for a pre-prepped ramekin. “Ooh, it looks so good!” Armin exclaims, spoon in hand. “Are you sure I can have this?”

"Yeah. Let me know what you think."

"They look like they’re having fun, hm?" Mikasa remarks innocently and Eren growls.

"I don’t like him," he pouts, stuffing a shortbread cookie into his mouth. "He looks funn - ow! Mikasa, don’t hit people like that!"

"If he likes him, then…" She trails off, shrugging as Jean reaches out to wipe a smear of pudding from Armin’s chin shyly.

"Armin, time to go," Eren huffs, drumming his fingers on the tabletop impatiently. "We’ve done our job."

"But, I’m not done with my creme brulee," Armin whimpers with a full mouth, holding the ramekin protectively. "And Jean promised me coffee cake too."

"Come on, you can have cake at hom - Mikasa, stop pulling!"

"We’ll head home first," she says simply, facing Jean. "Make sure Armin doesn’t eat too many sweets. Get him something to drink."

Jean quickly grabs a bottle of water from the cooler, uncapping it for Armin. “I’ll bring him back by 5,” he promises, and Mikasa nods, dragging Eren out. He exhales, relieved, and turns back to Armin. “Ready for that coffee cake?”

"You bet!" Armin chirps, licking his spoon clean.